National Certificate:
Professional Cookery (Chef)

SAQA CODE: 14111


This qualification has been developed for professionals in the food preparation industry (Chefs). It brings together elements of food and drink preparation as well as supervision. This qualification will professionalize the industry and is applicable to all sectors, from small restaurants to large-scale hotels. The qualification provides articulation with Gaming, Travel, and other Tourism industries.

Qualification Entry Requirements​

Grade 12


Mathematical Literacy

Prospective students are encouraged to further confirm the above entry requirements with the College Head before ruling themselves not compliant. Experimental learning may also be considered.

Career Path

Executive Chef

Restaurant manager
Lodging Manager

Sommelier (wine stewards)
Food Truck Operator
Assistant Chief

On completion of this qualification students will be able to:

1. Provide customer service.
2. Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
3. Display Cultural Awareness in dealing with Customers & Colleagues.
4. Communicate verbally.
5. Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff.
6. Maintain health, hygiene, and professional appearance.
7. Perform basic calculations.
8. Identify work opportunities.
9. Apply for a job or experience placement.
10. Prepare written communications.
11. Provide First Aid.
12. Maintain hygiene in food preparation, cooking, and storage.
13. Prepare fruit for hot and cold dishes.
14. Prepare vegetables for hot and cold dishes.
15. Handle and maintain knives.
16. Accept and store food deliveries.
17. Handle and Maintain Utensils and Equipment.
18. Handle and Store Food.
19. Clean food production areas and equipment.
20. Clean and store crockery and cutlery.
21. Prepare and cook basic meat, poultry, game or offal dishes.
22. Prepare and cook basic sauces and soups.
23. Handle and store food.
24. Clean food production areas, equipment and utensils.


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