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The Finishing College is a fully accredited, South African College which provides students with professional knowledge and behavioural skills. Our qualifications are designed with practical components for students to meet the needs of employers in different industries. All TFC qualifications have an in-built, world-class training in etiquette to give students an added advantage both academically and professionally. The Finishing College has onboarded a team of Excellent, Qualified, SETA Registered, Well-Trained and Experienced Lecturers with proven track records of delivery in the education, training, and skills development programmes. We are the epitome of the finishing touch required to achieve academic goals and climb the corporate ladder higher and faster. There is a strong demand for our graduates because we only employ high performing-lecturers with experience in the workplace, and we have loyal relationships with companies and entrepreneur incubators.


We build the foundation for our students to achieve their full potential. We provide high quality education and confidence-building through our unique etiquette for business model. We make it possible for diligent, professionally behaved, hardworking and ambitious youngsters to excel.


To provide all students with a guaranteed path to a brilliant career.


  • Professionalism
 Maintaining consistent standards
  • Image
Carrying ourselves proudly

  • Commitment
Keeping our promises

  • Knowledge
Contributing to learning



Exam Centre No.0899993829

Qualifications Accredited For:

End User Computing, Systems Development, Systems, Support, Advertising, Business Analysis.

Early Childhood Development OD ETDP

Food and Beverage handling, not limited to manufacturing, processing and packaging.

Textile, Clothing, Fashion and Design Carpentry and Wood Manufacturing.

Public administration level 3 to 5

Tourism and Hospitality Accommodation Services, Fast Food

Wastewater, reticulation, process control Water and wastewater treatment

Mathematics Fundamental

Bookkeeping Accounting

Office Administration

Nated (N4 - N5)

Nated (N4 – N6)

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Accreditation and Registration

We have identified the most in-demand fields of study for corporate South Africa and have obtained full accreditation in these fields. The Finishing College is fully accredited with a variety of education training and quality assurance bodies. (DHET, QCTO, SETAs and Professional Bodies). We are also a registered exam centre with the Department of Higher Education. 



The Finishing College aims to deliver critical skills and knowledge that students can use as tools in their chosen field of study and work. We also ensure that students embrace etiquette to equip them with correct mannerisms, which will give them an added advantage for their career. We strive to put out accuracy of information within all the faculties. We want to promote workplace readiness and workplace exposure to enable students to grow and succeed in their professional careers. Our training programmes incorporate international standards, enabling our students to work anywhere in the world.


Our Commitment to Students

Getting a good job and keeping it is a powerful goal to achieve. So when you qualify with us, you will put yourself at the front of the queue when you enter the job market.

All you have to do, once you have registered, is pay attention, get involved and do all the assignments to the very best of your ability. We will take care of the rest.

Learnerships (Employed / Unemployed)

Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare our clients while taking up the least amount of their time possible.



Our Staff

The Finishing College has a team made-up of well experienced and trained professionals. The team went through a rigorous training on good etiquette which covers the business language, image and body.

The Finishing College team also includes a highly involved academic Training Committee which operates at an advisory level as well as our Academic Mentor who will engage with you prior to registering for a course.


We work with numerous companies to try and minimize students missing out on education due to lack of funds. 

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