Public Sector Accounting

SAQA CODE: 20353


To provide students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and application techniques that they need to be successful in their work as qualified accounts administrators in the public sector. To allow students to study in the way that best suit their learning style and time by means of institutional and workplace learning. To allow students the opportunities for growth and development leading to the transformation of currently poor financial management practices in the public sector. To provide the employer with lifelong students s who are confident and independent, literate, numerate and multi-skilled, compassionate, with a respect for the environment and the ability to participate in their work as critical and active employees. Provide the public sector with professionally qualified, skilled staff, which can make a positive contribution to improving public finance, adding value and contributing to the efficiency and productivity of the government of South Africa.

Qualification Entry Requirements

Mathematical Literacy
Prospective students are encouraged to further confirm the above entry requirements with the College Head before ruling themselves not compliant. Experimental learning may also be considered.

Career Path

Account Administrator
Public Sector Accountant

On completion of this qualification students will be able to:

Use numerical skills to plan and control personal and/or household budgets.

Use numerical skills to complete personal tax forms.

Use appropriate numerical skills to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of work life.

Use numerical to define changes in various financial situations (Interest, inflation, depreciation).

Use numerical skills to investigate aspects of financial transactions (Calculating cost & selling price, profit and/or loss).

Use appropriate skills, conventions, and structures to communicate effectively and clearly in the workplace.


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