TFC Terms & Conditions

    1. For the purpose of this Agreement ‘’TFC’’ shall mean The Finishing College, Registration Number 2018/499483/07.

    2. For the purpose of this Agreement ‘’The Signatory” shall mean, joint and severally, the Student, the Guardian, the Surety, the Sponsor (if applicable) and the Account Payer.

    3. By signing this document, the Student agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of TFC and acknowledge that the right of admission is reserved and admittance may be denied.

    4. All applicants must endorse at the bottom of this that they have understood all the notes given and that they agree to their application being considered under the conditions outlined below.

    5. The registration fee is non-refundable. All other fees may be refunded if this contract is cancelled within the 7-day grace period offered in terms of this Agreement.

    6. Students will not be allowed on to campus without both the student card biometric access.

    7. For occupational programmes delivered via the blended method of instruction, tuition shall be provided from TFC Head Office or according to the timetable provided to the student.

    8. Semester or weekly timetables for higher education or occupational programmes as well as commencement dates may be altered at the discretion of TFC.
    9. All programmes offered are subject to demand. TFC programmes will commence provided we have a minimum of registered course per programme. TFC shall be entitled to continue to combine classes of a similar academic level and content.

    10. Failure of the Student to participate in or attend tuition process will not reduce liability for the cost of the programme and the Signatory shall not be entitled to a credit or a reduction.

    11. Students who are not permanent residents of South Africa must obtain a study permit or residence permit before registering at TFC. Course fees in respect of Students who do not comply with the above are not transferable or refundable. All international Students will pay 50% of their tuition fees prior to commencement of classes.

    12. The signatory hereby confers the right on TFC to view and obtain any results from external examining bodies.

    13. No results will be made available nor will a qualification or certificate be issued until the full balance due to TFC has been paid. Students may be suspended for TFC processes or branches if there is a breach of any part of this Agreement. In the event of suspension from College, the Signatory will still be liable for the full remaining balance of monies due. TFC may permit the Student to resume tuition or access support services once fees are up-to-date, provided the contract time has not expired.

    14. Prescribed text books are included in Tuition Fees for all TFC programmes. Students will be expected to pay for textbooks from the 2nd semester/trimester per cycle.

    15. For all programmes a minimum entry requirement is applicable. The student hereby warrants that they meet the entry requirements of any programme that they register for.

    16. All rules in the Student rule book are an integral part of this Agreement and the Student and Account Payer hereby binds themselves to them.

    17. In order to upload student information and records to the National Learner Record Database (NLRD), certain programmes or modules will require successful completion and full competency allocated for the programme.

    18. The Student hereby agrees to observe the TFC Code-of-Conduct, and should he/she interfere with other Students or disturb the smooth running of TFC he/she may be expelled from the College, forfeiting all monies paid and be liable for monies payable as at the day of expulsion.

    19. TFC may periodically make rules it considers advisable relating to programme participation and/or attendance, Student conduct and other matters. Violations of academic honesty or of academic integrity including cheating and plagiarism will result in disciplinary and action may result in expulsion.

    20. No alcohol and/or drugs are allowed on campus. Students in whose possession alcohol and drugs are found may be expelled.

    21. TFC may use images (photographs etc) taken of the Student advertising and marketing without restriction.

    22. TFC will not be liable for injury to, or death of any Student nor loss or damage to personal effects and possessions whilst the Student is on Campus or anywhere else in connection with the programme. The Signatory hereby indemnifies TFC in this regard.

    23. TFC reserves the right to adjust prices prior to the commencement date of the programme should an accrediting institution impose a price adjustment.

    24. The Signatory is responsible for the payment of any external institution fees and these fees are not included in TFC fees.

    25. The Student will not be permitted to attend tuition or access tuition support services if the terms of payment are not adhered to. This will not relieve the Signatory of the obligation to pay full fees.

    26. None of the terms and conditions of this Agreement is capable of being cancelled, waived, amended, added to or deleted, unless such cancellation, waiver, amendment, addition or deletion is reduced to writing and signed by the parties hereto.

    27. No indulgence on the part of TFC shall constitute a waiver, variation, or novation of any such right in terms hereof.

    28. The provisions of this Agreement shall, as far as is permitted by law, be binding upon the parties’ executors, trustees, curators, legatees, heirs and other successors in title.

    29. Each clause of this agreement is severable, the one from the other, and if any clause is found to be defective or unenforceable for any reason by any competent court, then the remaining clauses shall be of full force and effect and continue to be of full force and effect.

    30. Transfers from one branch to another are permitted at the sole discretion of the Directors of The Finishing College. Where a transfer is permitted, a Transfer Fee ZAR1050.00 immediately becomes payable to the branch where the original registration took place.

    31. All parties to this Agreement hereby agree that progress reports may be sent to the Account Payer, Learner, Parent, Employer and/or Guardian at TFC’s discretion.

    32. The Student hereby consents to TFC communicating with them by any form of communication including SMS, email, social media platforms and learning management systems. In the event that the Student no longer wishes to be contacted they must submit a letter to TFC Head Office, addressed to the Head of Marketing, stating their wish

    33. The student or sponsor who wishes to terminate the contract will do so in writing 7 days before the commencement of the course and shall be responsible for 50% of the fees paid. NB! The amount for registration fees and fees for textbooks is excluded, thus it remains payable.

    34. All applicants must complete all sections of the application form carefully and legibly. If the institution discovers that any information submitted by the applicant is false, the institution will reject that application and may refer the matter for legal action.

    35. Guardians must ensure that they have the necessary finances to pay for tuition fees.

    36. In case of extraordinary events or circumstances beyond the control of such parties, such as a war, strike, riot, crime or act of God (e.g., CO-VID, earthquake, volcanic eruption) TFC shall be entitled to suspend lectures and temporarily close any campuses affected thereby. The student/sponsor shall not by reason of such suspension or temporal closure be entitled to terminate the agreement or claim a refund, fees paid or a reduction.

    37. Should non-payment of fees happen for a period of 30 working days consecutively, then the student and/or the person responsible for payment hereby agree and acknowledge that such students will be banned from attending classes and receiving any tuition material until such time when satisfactory arrangements have been made with TFC and are acceptable to TFC.

    38. No Student or other cancellation of this contract shall be of any force or effect without written consent thereto by an authorised director or official at TFC. The student is hereby informed that no verbal agreements by any person shall be of force and effect unless the Student has such cancellation confirmed in writing from The Finishing College Regulatory Committee. The student by his/her signature hereto is made aware of the clause and hereby acknowledges acceptance thereof. Refunds will take a minimum of 90 (ninety) days to be paid from date of approval by the College Regulatory Committee. No person shall be entitled to claim a refund if a course had commenced and has been effective for more than 7 days.

    39. The right to attend lectures and write examination is not transferable. Accordingly, the Student shall attend all lectures in person and shall be the only person entitled to write examinations in respect of subjects forming part of the TFC programme for which the student has enrolled for. Students are expected to settle the outstanding tuition fees two weeks prior to witing exams.

    40. The student accepts as stipulated in the TFC Assessment Policy (which shall be deemed to form part of this agreement) that as part of the assessment of the program, the student must fulfil certain academic requirements, which may include (but not limited to) the completion and/or sign off a Portfolio of Evidence or other forms of assessments.

    41. The Signatory hereby consents to an Emolument attachment and/or Garnishee order being obtained by TFC, the instalment thereunder not being less than the instalment as per this Agreement.

    42. A certificate signed on behalf of the company by any Director, whose authority it shall not be necessary to prove, shall be prima facie evidence of any outstanding indebtedness in terms hereof;

    43. Breach: Should the signatory breach this agreement in any manner or whatsoever and without derogating from the generality thereof, the events detailed below shall be deemed to be a breach hereof, then, notwithstanding anything contained herein, the full amount of the principal debt outstanding together with interest up to the date of breach shall immediately become due and payable. For the purpose of this paragraph the following shall be deemed to be a breach by the Signatory:
      • failing to pay any instalment on due date;
      • a provisional or final order sequestration being granted against the Signatory;
      • the Signatory failing to have any judgement given against him/her rescinded within 21 days from the date that the judgement was handed down against him/her;

    44. In the event of a breach by Signatory of terms of this Agreement, the Signatory agrees to be liable to TFC and/or its agents for the payment of:
      • interest of the maximum permissible rate under Act on all outstanding amounts.
      • all costs and expenses of whatever nature incurred by TFC as a direct or indirect consequence of the Signatory’s breach, including legal costs on Attorney and client scale and tracing fees.

      • any Penalties, which may be debited as a result of late payments, Service Fees on payments, return debit order and/or dishonoured cheques.
    45. The Signatory may be registered with one or more credit bureaus, within the rules of National Credit Act, if there is any default on any payment.

    NB: This contract should be read together with the Student Code of Conduct.