US: 123396, 15790, 123401, 123394


115790: Write and present for a wide range of purposes, audiences and contexts
This unit standard is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication. It requires learners to follow a process in writing workplace specific texts. The ability to write plain language will improve the quality of business correspondence and other texts that are specific to a workplace environment. The achievement of this unit standard enables learners to recognise and use effectively textual conventions and features specific to business texts including those that require a particular format and/or specified legislated requirements. They carefully scrutinise their own and others’ writing for accuracy, appropriateness and impact on different audiences and contexts. They edit and change where appropriate.

123396: Define target audience profiles and skills gaps
This Unit Standard will be useful for training coordinators, trainers, facilitators, or anyone responsible for identifying skills gaps and developing target audience profiles in order to inform learning interventions and/or learning design. The Unit Standard will also be useful for those who provide guidance and advice to learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities. The target audience profile will be developed using basic data collection methods and a basic research process.

People credited with this unit standard are capable of:

  1. Preparing for information gathering.
  2. Gathering information on learners.
  3. Carrying out a basic skills audit.
  4. Compiling a report on the target audience and skills gaps.

123394: Develop outcomes-based learning programmes
This unit standard is for those who develop learning programmes to meet defined learning needs according to a given design specification.

  1. People credited with this unit standard are capable of:
    Planning and prepare for development.
  2. Developing learning materials.
  3. Developing learning facilitation guidelines.
  4. Piloting and evaluate the development.

123401: Design outcomes-based learning programmes
This Unit Standard is for those who design learning programmes to meet defined learning needs, thus producing a brief for the development of the learning programmes.

People credited with this unit standard are capable of:

  1. Drafting learning outcomes for the programme.
  2. Conducting analysis for learning design.
  3. Designing the learning programme.
  4. Drafting a brief for the development of the learning programme.
  5. Evaluating learning design.

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