Assistant Chef Skills Programme

SAQA ID: HSP/AssChf/2/0022


The purpose of this programme is to develop learners in a variety of personal, organisational and vocational skills in order to fulfil the function of an assistant Chef.
This skills programme is suitable for people working as a chef assistant in a variety of hospitality situations such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and coffee shops. Suitable for learners who prepare basic dishes using fresh ingredients.

Each person that will successfully achieve this programme will be enable to:

  • Assisting in a carvery and buffet service, operating a PC and handle and maintain knifes.
  • Basic food preparation skills such as cooking pasta, fish, meat and eggs are also covered.
  • Safety and security in the working environment are developed, as well
    as telephone skills, maintaining personal and kitchen hygiene and internal relationships within the organization.

  • Developing oneself to view this programme as an entry point to a further career in hospitality.

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