Microsoft Excel Course

Microsoft Excel – Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced

US116936:3Cr, US116943: 3Cr, US7456: 5Cr


8:30 – 16:30




Getting a good job and keeping it is a powerful goal to achieve. So when you qualify with us, you will put yourself at the front of the queue when you enter the job market. All you have to do, once you have registered, is pay attention, get involved and do all the assignments to the very best of your ability.

We will take care of the rest. 

1. Introduction to Excel

The difference between a worksheet and Workbook
Selecting cells and ranges
Creating a workbook
Capturing data into cells
Saving and closing workbooks

2. Exploring Excel

Learning ribbons and commands
Navigating the workbook

3. Copying and Moving Data

How to copy and cut data
Absolute cell references
Filling cells
Undo and Redo last actions
Find and replace texts

4. Formatting Data and Cells

Highlighting/Colour Data and Cells
Text wrapping
Applying borders to cells
Using Indents
Merging Cells
Formatting Numbers

5. Columns and Rows

Selecting Columns and Rows
Changing widths and Heights
Hiding & unhiding columns & rows
Freezing and Unfreezing pane
Splitting window
Full screen view
Zooming in and zooming out

6. Managing worksheets
Adding and deleting worksheets
Moving data between worksheets
Naming Worksheets
Grouping Worksheets

7. Formulas
Writing formulas in cells
AutoSum and basic functions
Using Formula bar
Automatic calculations


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Microsoft Excel – Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced